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Gum Removal
The United States leads the world in chewing gum. Gum is a 2 billion dollar a year business. If all the gum chewed in the US was properly disposed there wouldn't be a problem. However there is a problem. Gum is discarded onto pavements, buildings, trashcans, anywhere people can drop it. The composition of gum doesn't break down over time. When discarded improperly it accumulates and is very difficult to remove. It becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and ruins surfaces. It ruins the appearances of businesses. Who wants to drive thru and see gum splattered everywhere? At Gallagher's we use a high water pressure accompanied with detergents to specifically target gum removal. It is a tedious and difficult job and it is best left to a skilled professional. We understand that most businesses need to have this job done in off hours and have no problem working through the night and early mornings.
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