Delco Powerwashing
Powerwashing vinyl siding Our Specialty is removing mold and mildew from all types of siding and masonry.

- Vinyl
- Aluminum
- Cedar
- Dryvit
- Fiber Cement
- Stucco
- Brick
- Stone
- Slate

Chester county pressurewashing
Delaware county pressurewashing
Call Gallagher's Power Washing
before you paint!
We can save you money!
New London PowerwashingNew London After
Clean Stone and Vinyl
Stucco never needs to painted with a call to Gallagher's.
Newtown Square Gutter Cleaning After Gutter Cleaning
New Castle County Stucco Cleaning New Castle Power Washing
Patio Door Power washing Patio Wall Door Powerwashing
Dormers Power Washing Dormers Pressure Washing
Bring back that new look to your paver/brick patio, driveway
or walk with a call to Gallagher Power Washing.
Pavers before power washing EP Henry Bricks after power washing
House Powerwashing We are experts at maintaining your investment in Paver patios, walks, driveways and walls. We clean, re-sand and seal all types of pavers. Delaware Valley Powerwashing
Driveway cleaning Montgomery County Pressurewashing
Restore that new look to your tennis court again. Cleaning makes your surface safer from slipping and prolongs surface life, which saves you the aggravation and money of resurfacing.
Tennis Court before power washing Tennis Court Power Washing
We clean all types of decks:

- Wood
- Trex
- Timber Tech
- All Composite Decking
Composite Deck Pressurewashing
Roof pressurewashing Make your roof look new again by removing all damaging mold and mildew and also prolong the life of your roof.

We Clean all roof types:

- Asphalt
- Terracotta
- Slate
Roof Cleaning
dirty roof
dirty roof
Villanova Power washing   Roof Power washing in Villanova PA
Cape May Fishing We also clean boats and trucks. After a long season of fishing or a long haul on the road give us a call to remove the grime.
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“Sean, thanks for your hard work.  We
were able to sell our house in less th
a week.”
Ted Lambert
Sean Gallagher